Video Conference Platform – Update RC20210312 Released to All Zones

We have successfully pushed an update to all Video Conference instances residing in the United States, Canada and the European Union. This release was primarily focused on 25+ internal scalability improvements, performance of key functionality, as well as fixes and product improvements.

  1. Dynamic Recording Pause and Resume

    Ability to Pause and Resume recordings dynamically during a given video conference event. Previously, it was an all-or-nothing recording capability, however now these operations can be performed as needed, as a way to skip the recording of specific sections of the video conference.

  2. Unified Video Conference Entry Screen

    A single entry screen to enter your name, select webcam, and test mic sources makes getting into a meeting easier and faster.

  3. Infrastructure Improvements

    Improved load detection on the server-side as a precursor to more dynamic server assignment of video conference sessions.