Video Conference Platform – Update RC20220715 Released to all Zones

We have successfully pushed an update to all instances residing in the United States, Canada and the European Union. This release focuses on providing Meeting Owners with the option to manage permissions for attendees, the ability for shared documents and the Whiteboard to be saved as PNG images, improved sharing capabilities, enhancement on screen share connectivity, and WCAG 2.1-aligned accessibility improvements.

  1. Meeting Owners Can Grant Permissions to Presenters
    In an effort to give Meeting Owners more control over their video conference, we are introducing specific permissions Meeting Owners can grant Presenters on an individual basis. These permissions include access to the Whiteboard tools, the ability to message in chat, and the permission to share their screen and upload documents. To learn more about this feature, please click here.
    Video Conference Platform – Update RC20220715 Released to all Zones
  2. Sharing Screen or Uploading Documents will now Switch to the Presenter’s View
    Previously Presenters and Attendees would only follow the view of the main Presenter. We have now enabled the view to instantly change for all participants when any Presenter begins to share their screen or uploads a document.
  3. New “Save as Image” feature Available in Whiteboard
    Meeting Owners and Presenters can now save shared documents and the Whiteboard as PNG images.Video Conference Platform – Update RC20220715 Released to all Zones
  4. Improved the Ability for Screen Share to Reconnect when Connection is Lost
    This update will help Presenters and Attendees reestablish a connection for Screen Share that may result from an unstable internet connection.
  5. Accessibility Improved Aligned with WCAG 2.10
    We have made several minor changes to how the user interface reacts when navigating your Video Conference. By adjusting the accessibility for certain tabs, adding focus indicators, and improved text for screen readers, we continue to improve upon our existing platform to make learning accessible for all students.