Video Conferencing Update – March 2020 Release

A new Video Conferencing release is now available that provides new viewing and localization options, as well as, several smaller improvements and fixes.

  1. New Views Option to Show Video-Only, Sharing-Only and Everything Views
    Users now have more flexible viewing options within a video conferencing including the ability to toggle between the video streams, the sharing panel, and everything-at-once.

  2. French Localization Support of Video Conferencing
    As part of an initiative to provide users with dynamic language options across all our products, the Video Conferencing is the first product in our portfolio to be localized. Users can now select from French or English within their My Account settings to see the UI updated to French. Please note: Localizing the Enterprise Video Platform web application in a similar manner is on our roadmap for Summer 2020.

  3. Smaller fixes and improvements
    About a dozen smaller fixes and improvements are also included. Highlights include:

    • #170680657 – Resolved issue where the meeting title was not properly reflected in the Notification tab of the Video Platform
    • #169652427 – Resolved issue where the Invitee URL was not sharable in all cases.
    • #169153329 – Resolved a potential race condition that could cause the video stream “loading dots” to remain.
    • #162100138 – Notification Bell icon now displays actual meeting title instead of displaying a generic meeting name.
    • #171390971 – Resolved issue where attendees who join a meeting before the owner changes the view, the follower and main presenter’s views do not match.
    • #171190930 – Resolved issue which caused some video conference recordings to remain in a “stuck” status despite being complete.