YuJa Hardware Hub – “Aspen” Firmware Update Now Available

We have released a new Hardware Hub RCS 550 firmware that is available for update. This update provides our users with the option to self-manage firmware updates for the Hardware Hub, the option to remotely reboot the Hardware Hub, improved resolution and frame rates for USB cameras, deeper audit tracking for Hardware Hub events, offline support for pre-scheduled recordings, support for additional cameras and input devices, and support for embedding DVI-D audio.

  1. Self-Manage Firmware Updates for the Hardware Hub Directly through the Video Platform’s Admin Panel
    Administrators will no longer be required to contact YuJa for firmware updates to their Hardware Hub. With our user-friendly approach, simply navigate to the Devices tab on the Video Platform and effortlessly update the Hub firmware with just a click of a button. To learn how to update to the Aspen RC3 release, please visit our guide on How to Update the Hardware Hub Firmware.
    YuJa Hardware Hub – “Aspen” Firmware Update Now Available
  2. Remote Reboot Capability for the Hardware Hub
    As part of our ongoing commitment to increase remote management capabilities, administrators now have the option to conveniently restart the Hardware Hub device directly from the Video Platform.
    YuJa Hardware Hub – “Aspen” Firmware Update Now Available
  3. Improved Resolution and Frame Rate for USB Cameras
    Our latest update introduces enhanced camera capabilities through the Hardware Hub, offering support for maximum resolutions of up to 2K at 30FPS or 1080p at 60FPS when utilizing USB cameras. If multiple cameras are selected, each can be configured to custom resolutions and frame rates, ensuring optimal flexibility and high-quality recordings.
  4. Audit Tracking for Tracing Individual Events
    The new version of the Hardware Hub now provides audit logging of actions. This will make it possible to review and trace individual recording events and actions, such as:

    • Connected and disconnected devices.
    • The status of webcams and uploads to the Video platform.
    • Requests made to the Hub. (e.g. record, pause, resume, etc.)
  5. YuJa Hardware Hub – “Aspen” Firmware Update Now Available

  6. Offline Support for Pre-Scheduled Recordings
    If the Hardware Hub is offline, pre-scheduled recordings will proceed as planned, ensuring timely and consistent capture. Once the Hub reconnects to the network, recordings are automatically uploaded to the Video Platform.
    YuJa Hardware Hub – “Aspen” Firmware Update Now Available
  7. Expanded Support for Multi-Source Setup
    Previously limited to two USB or NDI cameras, we are pleased to announce the Hardware Hub now supports 4-5 USB or NDI cameras simultaneously. This expansion extends further by providing up to three media device inputs to our newest Hardware Hub devices, granting the flexibility to create engaging content with a wider range of sources.
    YuJa Hardware Hub – “Aspen” Firmware Update Now Available
  8. Support for Embedding DVI-D Audio Imports
    While the Hardware Hub has always supported video recordings through DVI-D connectors, we now offer seamless audio embedding for devices that support audio transport using HDMI over DVI-D. This enhancement ensures a comprehensive recording experience, allowing captures for both high-quality visuals and synchronized audio.
    YuJa Hardware Hub – “Aspen” Firmware Update Now Available