YuJa Hardware Hub – “Everest” Firmware Update Now Available

We have released a new Hardware Hub RCS 550 firmware that is available for update within the Devices Panel. This update provides our users with real-time health and performance monitoring and the option to publish and live stream to EnterpriseTube and CampusTube folders. 

  1. Real-Time Health and Performance Monitoring for the Hardware Hub
    The Hardware Hub is trusted for seamless, end-to-end video capture and distribution. To ensure the reliability of your device during sessions, we now offer live tracking for the performance of the Hardware Hub. View analytics such as:

    • CPU Temperature reading
    • Video streaming quality
    • Storage management
    • Hardware issues

    By monitoring the performance of the Hub, administrators will be able to take note of crucial readings to better manage their recordings.
    YuJa Hardware Hub – “Everest” Firmware Update Now Available

  2. Manage and Resolve Issues for Configured Devices
    We have added a check for source issues within the Device Status report by providing instant viewing of how many devices are experiencing issues. If any device is experiencing problems, simply click ‘Resolve Issues’ to be directed to the device configuration page, where adjustments can be made or seen for pressing issues such as connecting a device to the correct source or viewing which device has disconnected.
    YuJa Hardware Hub – “Everest” Firmware Update Now Available

  3. Live Stream and Publish to the EnterpriseTube and CampusTube
    The Hardware Hub has previously been able to live stream and publish to Channels inside the Video Platform. We are now expanding this capability to allow users to publish to any location within their EnterpriseTube or CampusTube folders.
    YuJa Hardware Hub – “Everest” Firmware Update Now Available