YuJa Hardware Hub Update – “Fuji”

We have released a new Hardware Hub RCS 550 firmware that is available for update within the Devices Panel. This update allows our users to embed external audio with video streams and remotely pause and resume Hardware Hub sessions.

  1. Embed External Audio Sources With Video Streams to Improve Synchronization
    The Hardware Hub has always supported the option to create single streams with both video and audio through the use of HDMI/SDI inputs. Now, we’re adding the Embed Audio Type setting for external audio devices linked to the Hardware Hub. This allows Content Creators to integrate external audio into their video stream, producing a single stream with synced audio and video.
    YuJa Hardware Hub Update – “Fuji”
  2. Remotely Pause and Resume Hardware Hub Sessions
    Administrators can control sessions remotely from the Devices page within the Admin Panel by pausing and resuming sessions. Previously, remotely activated, pause and resume options were only available via RS 232 controls.YuJa Hardware Hub Update – “Fuji”