YuJa Mobile for Android 2.1.1 Maintenance Release Published to Google Play Store

We have successfully published a new version of the YuJa Mobile for Android application to the Google Play Store.

  1. Stability Improvements Based on Customer Usage
    Leveraging the previous deployment to resolve 20+ application crashes and errors that were discovered in the field. The result is an even more stable and robust user experience.
  2. Integration with Playback Analytics
    Playback analytics shown within the Visual Analytics now integrate with playback events generated by users when accessing the Android application.
  3. Easier to Use Entry Screen
    The login experience has been streamlined. Rather than having to scroll through a list of Organizations and Schools, users can simply enter their email address, organization name or Instance URL to login to their organization’s configured authentication methods.

  4. Direct Upload to My Media Instead of Default Collection
    The use of Default Collection has been deprecated so content will be uploaded directly to the My Media folder.