YuJa Mobile for Android – Version 2.2.0 Released to Google Play Store

We have successfully published a new version of the YuJa Mobile for Android application to the Google Play Store.

  1. Improved and More Modern Playback Experience
    A refreshed video playback experience using an overlay style Play Bar now provides better use of the available screen size.

  2. Stability Improvements Based on Customer Usage
    Leveraging the previous deployment to resolve 20+ application crashes and errors that were discovered in the field. The result is an even more stable and robust user experience.
  3. Additional Improvements
    #173852826 – When using the Capture tab, establish permissions to access the Camera Roll so that content can be saved there as a backup.
    #173274486 – Maintain the original aspect ratio of video playback for videos that are not a 16:9 aspect ratios.
    #171848605 – Resolved orientation issue when the front camera is used in landscape mode.
    #173270357 – Added Back button on the Top Bar navigation to make it easier to navigate away from an active video playback.
    #174239803 – Resolved issue where videos with emoticons in the file name were not uploaded.
    #172462809 – Expiry and deletion of content downloaded offline using the video’s accessibility dates.