YuJa Mobile for Apple iOS 2.0.0 Published to AppStore

We have successfully published a new version of the YuJa Mobile for Apple application to the Apple AppStore.

  1. Refreshed User Interface and Navigation Experience
    The application introduces a refreshed UI and menu navigation experience. This includes a new Navigation Bar that provides quick access buttons for Channels, Recording, Uploads, and Downloads.

  2. Ability for Users to Download Media for Offline Viewing
    Approved content can now be downloaded within the mobile application for offline viewing (without WiFi or network connectivity).

  3. New Playback and Caption Bar Capabilities
    Added new playback options including auto-replay, play-in-background and full-screen playback. Also added capability to modify the caption style and size.

  4. Improved Media Playback Experience Across Devices
    Introduced a more modern mobile playback experience with improved stability across both older and newer devices.

  5. New Instrumentation to Receive Reports of Crashes and Abnormal Situations
    We now have integrated application instrumentation to receive crash reports and abnormal terminations. Along with this, an improved process to resolve issues more quickly by acting on the crash data has been defined.