YuJa Panorama for Digital Accessibility – Update RC20210223 Released to All Zones

We have successfully pushed an update to all Panorama instances residing in the United States, Canada and the European Union.

  1. Updated Institution Reporting User Interface

    The Institution-level report has been updated to provider clearer scorecards, trends indicators, and summaries. Over the upcoming releases, each report and screen will experience a similar update.

  2. Improved Accessibility Checker for Issues That Span Paragraphs
    Improved the accessibility reporting for Microsoft Word documents with improved support for issues that span across the full paragraph.
  3. Other Improvements
    • Accessible formats button now always fetches the latest, most up-to-date alternative formats instead of the latest versions available during the initial page load. Replacing a document now refreshes the page, to display the updated document.
    • Accessibility reports no longer show preview documents without the associated red lines (when applicable).
    • Improved compatibility of Microsoft Word contrast checking.
    • Improved the method of calculating accessibility scores for newly uploaded documents, including fixing the tendency for large and problematic documents to have an unusually high score.