YuJa Verity for Test Proctoring Platform – Update v1.2

We have successfully pushed an update to all YuJa Verity for Test Proctoring Platform instances residing in the United States, Canada, and the European Union. This is a new product and this update provides our users with an improved UI for the Verity Results table, a new plugin to block quiz access without YuJa Verity, the YuJa Verity Panel, and optimization improvements for the Moodle platform.

  1. Enhanced UI Experience for the Verity Results Table
    We are pleased to introduce our new Results table. Through our new filtering settings, Instructors will find it easier than ever to see and review quiz attempts by students. Filter seamlessly through student names, suspicious activity levels, submission start dates, and submission end dates for quizzes.
    YuJa Verity for Test Proctoring Platform – Update v1.2
  2. New Plugin to Block Quiz Access Without YuJa Verity Enabled 
    To provide Instructors and Students with reliable quiz proctoring, we have introduced a new plugin to ensure Students are unable to access Verity quizzes without the YuJa Verity extension enabled. This feature can be added for Canvas and Moodle LMS platforms (D2L and Blackboard coming soon).
  3. Support for Incognito Windows in Chrome
    Verity-enabled quizzes are now accessible through incognito windows in Chrome.
  4. Introducing the YuJa Verity Recording Panel
    The YuJa Verity panel offers students a live view of their recording, as well as zoom adjustment levels for their screen. Future updates for the Recording Panel will focus on providing tools for students to utilize, such as the ability to have an on-screen calculator, a whiteboard tool, and the option to ask our amazing team for direct assistance regarding YuJa Verity.
    YuJa Verity for Test Proctoring Platform – Update v1.2
  5. Optimized Compatibility Issues for all Moodle Instances
    We have optimized compatibility issues related to several Moodle quiz features. More improvements will follow in subsequent minor and patch releases next week.