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  • January 26, 2024

    YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform – “Mana Peak” Version Released to US, CAN, AU, and EU Zones

    Australian Zones Canadian Zones European Union Zones Panorama for Digital Accessibility United States Zones

    We have successfully pushed an update to all YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform instances residing in the United States, Canada, European Union, and Australia. This release provides our users with updates to our Remediation Engine to support PDF documents, a new AI-powered tool to propose accessibility fixes, enhanced support for OCR conversions, SAML-SSO integration for the Panorama Platform, the option to add users outside of the LMS, new accessibility design tools, Panorama support for files up to 50 MB, the option to bulk changes fixes, and more.


    1. New Tool! PDF Remediation MAX Engine: A Premium Engine Available to Customers with Deeper PDF Remediation Workflows
      A new PDF Remediation MAX Engine powers a new class of PDF remediation that enables users to address more complex PDF-related accessibility issues directly within the LMS, including contrast, font size adjustments, provision of alternative text for images, and more. As always, the Standard PDF Accessibility Engine is available to institutions.Issues within a PDF document are automatically remediated.
    2. New Tool! AutoPilot: AI-Powered Tool to Propose Accessibility Fixes
      We’re introducing an industry-first feature by launching AutoPilot, an AI-powered tool that automatically proposes document accessibility fixes for PDF, DOCX, PPTX, and HTML files. With just one click, AutoPilot users can send proposed fixes to the Remediation Engine, which will automatically remediate the document. In the future, AutoPilot will propose fixes for other issue types, as well as broaden the scope to Course and the full LMS. AutoPilot will currently propose fixes for the following issue types:

      • Font size
      • Color contrast
      • Missing alt-text

      The AutoPilot button is selected and proposed fixes are automatically applied.

    3. Enhanced Support for OCR Conversions: OCR Text and OCR Immersive Reader
      We are expanding our OCR conversion engine to provide two new capabilities for generating distinct documents based on the OCR’d content.

      • OCR Text: Generate a brand new text file.
      • OCR Immersive Reader: Use the immersive reader for OCR’d content.

      The Panorama Alternative formats menu for OCR.

    4. No LMS Required! SAML-SSO Authentication Support for the Panorama Platform
      Administrators, instructors, and students can access their respective reports and accessibility settings by signing in to the Panorama Platform directly with their SAML-SSO integration.
      Panorama SSO SAML sign-on page.
    5. Add Users Outside of the LMS to the Panorama Platform
      Administrators can add users not registered for their LMS into the Panorama Platform to manage Panorama reports and settings based on their assigned roles.
      The Create user modal inside Roster Management.
    6. Custom Panorama Portal URL Prefix
      Institutions can create their own custom Panorama Platform URL prefix. Simply contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager to get started.
    7. New Accessibility Design Tool Elements
      We have expanded our Accessibility Design Tool to incorporate two new elements when creating HTML content.

      • Progress Bar: Content Creators can place progress bars for long-form content to help their viewers keep track of their progress.
      • Expander: Content Creators can place discrete expandable cards to show viewers additional content.

      The expander and progress bar tools are added within an HTML editable area in Canvas.

    8. Generate Panorama Reports for Files up to 50MB
      Panorama will now support generating Accessibility Reports and Alternative Formats for files up to 50 MB in size.
    9. New Course Scans Page to View the Status of Courses
      Administrators can track the progress of Panorama’s course scans and view a list of all courses within their institution. If desired, they can also scan or re-scan courses to locate new documents or pages within the course.
      Panorama's course scan page shows a table of scanned courses.
    10. Panorama for Canvas: Website Accessibility Enabled Canvas-Wide
      The Website Accessibility icon is no longer restricted within a course. Instructors and students can access the Website Accessibility icon from anywhere within Canvas.
    11. New Branding Settings to Customize Website Accessibility Colors
      We have added a new Branding Settings tab that allows administrators to customize the colors of the Accessibility Icons and the Website Accessibility menu.
      Options to customize icon colors and the website accessibility menu colors.
    12. Pop-Out the How-to-Fix Window for a Wider View
      We have introduced a new pop-out feature in the How-to-Fix panel that displays the steps to resolve an issue in a larger window, making it easier to view.
      A pop-out view of the how to fix issues modal.
    13. Bulk Change All Instances of the Same Accessibility Issue
      Users can now choose to apply their accessibility changes to all instances of the issue when remediating a document.
    14. Panorama for D2L: Accessibility Reports for Documents within the Manage Files Page
      Panorama now supports generating Accessibility Reports and Alternative Formats for documents found within the Manage Files page in D2L Brightspace.
    15. Students Can Disable Panorama Accessibility Icons
      Panorama Accessibility icons can now be disabled by individual students.
  • January 19, 2024

    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – “Banyan” Released to CAN, AU and EU Zones

    Australian Zones Canadian Zones Enterprise Video Platform European Union Zones

    We have successfully pushed an update to all Enterprise Video Platform instances residing in Canada, Australia, and the European Union. The highlights for this update include new generative AI capabilities for dubbing, the option to update Software Capture remotely, rewind live streams, establish custom transcoding profiles, new thumbnails for file types, preview slides and watermarks in the Video Editor, new IMS Caliper Analytics support, live stream placeholders, publish Software Capture recordings to EnterpriseTube and CampusTube folders, and so much more.

    1. New Generative AI Capability – Add AI-Generated Multi-Lingual Dubbing to Create Language Tracks 
      Content Creators can use AI credits to auto-generate audio language tracks for their videos. This enables an English speaker’s audio to be presented to a viewer as an audio track in French, German, Spanish, or any of our dozen available languages.
      A modal in list view to select various languages.
    2. New Fleet Management Capability – Update Software Capture Versions Remotely
      Adding to our fleet management capabilities, Administrators can click a button on the Admin Panel’s Devices tab to remotely deploy the latest Software Capture version to a classroom computer (requires upcoming Software Capture Version 14.1).
      Update modal for software capture showing an update is available for download.
    3. My Media Now Shows Real-Time Recording Status Updates for Active Software Captures
      To accurately reflect the status of a Software Capture session in real-time, we have introduced new placeholder states, such as Recording, Paused, and Uploading to Cloud. We have a few more state to add in an upcoming release such as Upload Failed and Upload Stalled when the classroom or user’s computer is switched off.Thumbnail for Software Capture session updates from recording, paused, to then uploading.
    4. Rewind a Live Stream with a Refreshed Live-Stream Media Player with Integrated DVR-Style Rewind Controls
      We are introducing a refreshed Live Stream Media Player interface with new capabilities to rewind live streams and then jump to live at the click of a button. We also refreshed the iconography, scrubber bar, and player controls, with more to come in upcoming releases.
      A view of the new icons for the live stream player.
    5. Establish Custom Transcoding Profiles to Encode a Video with a Specific Resolution and Bitrate
      Administrators can create a customized Transcoding Profile that Content Creators can subsequently apply to their videos.
      a table showcasing custom video qualities that have been added.
    6. New Digital Asset Management Capabilities with Auto-Generated Thumbnails for a Variety of File Types
      We now support auto-generating preview thumbnails for various new file types, such as TIFF, NEF, RAW, EPS, SVG, PDF, and PSD.
      Media gallery view of various file formats with their thumbnail.
    7. Video Editor Now Offers the Ability to Preview Slides, Watermarks, and Overlay Changes
      Content Creators can now preview their watermarks, slides, and overlay edits within the Video Editor without having to save their videos.
      The Video Editor shows a preview of an image inserted.
    8. New IMS Caliper Analytics Support – In-Depth Integration of Video Viewership Data
      We have integrated additional data with our third-party Caliper Analytics integration that enables administrators to make more informed decisions about their content. Our analytics now provide information on whether videos were restarted, the points to which the videos were forwarded, and whether captions were enabled.
      Caliper analytics logo.
    9. New Live Stream Placeholder for Upcoming Live Streams in Both CampusTube (Shared Folders) and Course Channels
      Scheduled live streams within the CampusTube (Shared Folders) and Course Channels will have an improved live stream placeholder thumbnail detailing the start date and time of the event.
      A thumbnail for a scheduled live stream letting the user know when the live stream will occur.
    10. Publish Auto-Scheduled Software Capture Recordings to EnterpriseTube and CampusTube Folders
      When scheduling Software Capture sessions through the Devices panel, Administrators can publish auto-scheduled recordings directly to EnterpriseTube and CampusTube folders.
      Option to select a folder from the EnterpriseTube for a software capture recording.
    11. Media Chooser LTI 1.3 Support for Moodle Plugins
      Our previous release provided an update to support the Media Chooser in the new TinyMCE plugin for Moodle version 4.1 and up, using LTI 1.1. In this release, for Moodle 4.1 and up, we have added LTI 1.3 support for the Media Chooser in the new TinyMCE plugin and the Atto and Legacy TinyMCE plugins. We highly recommend upgrading your Moodle plugins to take advantage of the new capabilities.
      The Media Chooser is shown inside of Moodle.
    12. Use JavaScript to Control the YuJa Media Player
      For web designers looking to create enhanced video experiences, we have introduced a new API that enables the creation of custom JavaScript to control various functions, including starting, pausing, resuming, showing/hiding captions, adjusting volume, and skipping to a specified time. Additionally, certain events can be tracked with custom JavaScript to provide information on how viewers interact with the media player.
    13. AI-Generated Video Chapters Are Now Available to Unauthenticated Viewers
      Viewers watching content within an institution’s EnterpriseTube can now view AI-generated Video Chapters, allowing them to select key moments of impact within the recording. Previously this was only available to authenticated users.
      Video Chapters are shown within an institution's EnterpriseTube channel.
    14. Admins Can Create Digital Consent Forms Within the New Text Editor
      Administrators now have the option to create consent forms directly within the Video Platform instead of uploading a PDF form.
      A text editor that allow users to write create their consent forms.
    15. Enhanced Search Modal for Find a User
      We have enhanced the search modal for Find a User by providing a searchable table list view of users and their associated email addresses.
      A user search modal within the Video Platform.
    16. New APIs for Scheduling and Content Management
      We have added new APIs to schedule and manage content. To learn how to use these and any of our other APIs, please visit our API Support guide.

      • Hub Live Streaming: Schedule a live-stream session through the Hardware Hub.
      • EnterpriseTube and CampusTube Content Management: Publish and unpublish content within EnterpriseTube and CampusTube folders. 
      • Manual Start for the Hardware Hub: Hardware Hub sessions can now be scheduled with a manual start option.
  • January 19, 2024

    YuJa Himalayas Data Archiving Platform Update – “Banyan” Released to CAN, AU and EU Zones

    Australian Zones Canadian Zones European Union Zones Himalayas Himalayas Enterprise Archiving Platform

    We have successfully pushed an update to all YuJa Himalayas Data Archiving Platform instances residing in Canada, Australia, and the European Union. This update provides the ability for search results to show cold-archived content, minor UI and Accessibility Improvements to the dashboard, and optimizations to the Delete Transcode policy.

    1. Cold-Archived Content Now Appears in Visual Search Results
      The Video Platform’s search bar will now show results for Active and Himalayas Cold Archived content. This enables institutions to seamlessly find content across storage tiers with a single search.
      Search results are shown for cold and active archived content.
    2. Minor UI and Accessibility Improvements to the Dashboard
      We have made minor adjustments to center the elements and text within the dashboard and enhanced the dashboard’s responsiveness by providing graphs that adapt to various screen sizes.
      Himalayas Dashboard shows graphs for monthly archive storage, archived storage vs active storage, and stored by type.
    3. Optimized Delete Transcode Policy
      The Delete Transcode policy has been updated to not remove transcodes for videos viewed within the last 30 days or have not been on the Video Platform for more than 30 days.
      Delete Transcode policy
  • January 12, 2024

    YuJa Verity Test Proctoring Platform – “Quartz” Released to US, CAN, AUS, and EU Zones

    Australian Zones Canadian Zones European Union Zones United States Zones YuJa Verity

    We have successfully pushed an update to all instances residing in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the European Union. This update includes text and audio chat for the Live Proctoring, a new accessible design for Verity’s proctor settings, new restrictions to disable right-clicking and printing, the option to enforce screen recording, view website links visited by students, a redesign of the Verity Browser Extension, updated list view of Profiles, and overall usability enhancements.


    1. Verity Live: Integrated Text Chat for Automated Browser Extension and Lockdown App Proctoring
      For live proctoring sessions, proctors and students can communicate with each other through our built-in chat feature.
      Chat messages between a proctor and a student.
    2. Verity Live: Audio Chat for Automated and Lockdown App Proctoring
      Proctors and students can communicate with each other during a live assessment by establishing a two-way audio connection.
      Icon of two people talking with headsets.
    3. New Accessible Design for Verity’s Proctor Settings
      We have redesigned the Verity proctor settings to better suit smaller screens. By designing smaller UI elements and reorganizing each proctor setting, instructors can easily view and navigate to their desired settings on any screen size.
      Verity Options menu.
    4. Screen Recording Is Now an Optional Proctor Setting
      Instructors can enable our screen recording feature on a per-assessment basis to provide proctoring features that are only necessary for paper-based assessments within a remote environment.
      Record Screen option within Quiz Restrictions.
    5. Enhanced System Check to Enforce Screen Recording
      To increase security measures, the Verity System Check will now require students to share their entire screen instead of having the option to share a tab or window for recording.
      The Windows option to select the screen to record.
    6. Review a List of Websites Visited by Students
      Instructors can enable Record Web Traffic to track and review specific websites visited by each student during an assessment.
      Websites a student has visited can be seen in the Verity Results table.
    7. Flagged Event for Server Disconnections
      In cases where a student’s device may become disconnected from Verity’s servers, such as losing internet connection, Verity will flag the issue for instructors to review.
      Verity's Course Settings option to adjust the flag level of Connection Interrupted.
    8. Automated Proctoring: Flagged Event for When Webcam Feed Goes Dark
      If Verity cannot detect a student’s environment for reasons such as a covered webcam, the event will be flagged for instructors to review.
      Video feed for an assessment goes black. The option to re-enable their camera appears.
    9. New Automated Proctor Setting: Disable Right-Click
      Similar to our built-in feature to disable right-click in the Lockdown App, instructors can now prevent students from using the right-click function during their Automated assessments.
      Verity Quiz Restriction to disable right-click.
    10. New Automated Proctor Setting: Disable Printing
      Instructors can now prevent students from using the print function during their Automated assessments.
      Verity Quiz Restriction to disable print.
    11. Choose to Enable Manual ID Verification
      Instructors can select manual ID verification in favor of AI-enhanced verification when reviewing student IDs.
      A student is holding their card up to the camera to manually take a picture.
    12. Launch the Verity Portal from the Redesigned Browser Extension
      We have provided a more modern look to the Verity Browser Extension and have included direct access to the Verity Portal through the new Launch Portal button.
      Verity's new browser extension UI features a button to launch the Verity portal.
    13. Search for Profiles Within the New List View
      Instructors can access a dedicated window to view and select profiles, which includes a searchable list to quickly find their desired profile.
      A list view of profiles created.
    14. Overall Usability Enhancements
      Verity is committed to providing the best experience for instructors and students, which is why we’ve been hard at work providing some usability enhancements, such as:

      • The new Exemptions UI provides an at-a-glance view of the number of students who have been exempted from Verity.
      • The System Check will automatically skip steps that are not required.
  • December 29, 2023

    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Mobile App – “Archer” Released to iOS and Android App Store

    Android App Australian Zones Canadian Zones Enterprise Video Platform European Union Zones iOS App United States Zones

    We have successfully pushed a new YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Mobile App to the iOS and Android App Stores. This brand-new mobile app, for both iOS and Android, features a new My Media tab for users to access their content, a redesigned Media Player with added functionality, a refreshed Course Channels view, and so much more. We are just getting started with adding new capabilities to our new mobile app. Please note that our old Mobile App will no longer be available by the end of January.

    1. A Brand-New Mobile App for iOS and Android
      We have fully redesigned the Mobile App from the ground-up to be faster, more modern, and compatible with new devices. Available for both iOS and Android, our new Mobile App features a modernized UI and performance enhancements to greatly improve the user experience.
      YuJa Video Media Channels page, featuring 9 media files.
    2. Access Your My Media Library On the Go
      Access a My Media tab that provides users with the ability to view all content in their collection as well as upload new media.
      The new YuJa Video My Media page, featuring folders and videos.
    3. New Video Player Features Added Functionality and a Fresh UI
      Our new Video Player includes added functionality to take full advantage of the features already available to users in the HTML5-based web app. This includes the ability to view multi-stream videos, toggle on captions and subtitles, move 10 seconds forward or backwards, and more. Additionally, the UI has been fully redesigned and features a sleek look with modernized icons.
      The new YuJa Video Player, featuring a video about space, with captions and thumbnails turned on.
    4. A New Way to View Course Channels
      We are introducing a new Channels view, where all videos within a Channel will be visible to ensure that users can easily access all content published to their courses.
      The new YuJa Video Channels page.
    5. My Media Now Supports Robust Global Search
      A new global search functionality on the My Media page enables users to search and access all of their media content.
      The YuJa Video global search feature. "A Journey Into Astrophysics" is typed into the search field, and the video has been located.
    6. New In-App Support Page to Address User Queries and Concerns
      We have introduced an in-app support page to address all user queries and concerns regarding our products and services. YuJa Help will allow users to call our toll-free support line, send us an email, and access product documentation, all in one place.
      The new YuJa Help support page, which allows users to call us toll-free, send us an email, or review our product docs.
    7. Users Can Now Open Links and Access Various Document Types
      In our previous app, users were only able to access and watch videos. We have now added functionality so users can open hyperlinks, as well as access PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and more.
      A PowerPoint presentation titled Fashion Studies open in the YuJa Video app.
    8. New Recording Workflow for Increased Efficiency with Support for Files App
      We created a new recording workflow that allows users to easily navigate to their camera and create audio and video recordings, which can then be uploaded directly to their My Media Library or posted on Course Channels.
      The new YuJa Video recording workflow, featuring the ability to Record Content, Upload From Library, and Upload From Files.
    9. Track App Issues in Real-Time for Quick Resolutions
      To provide our users with faster device compatibility, YuJa Engineers now receive action logs to help us track and diagnose app issues, which we aim to resolve within 30 days.
    10. Improved Mobile Download Flow for Added Convenience
      Our improved mobile download flow makes it easier than ever to download content. This includes a dedicated Downloads page, which allows users to conveniently track and manage their downloaded content.
      The new Downloads tab, where users can track and manage their downloaded content.
  • December 20, 2023

    YuJa Engage Student Response System Update – “Rome” Released to US, CAN, AUS, and EU Zones

    Australian Zones Canadian Zones Engage Student Response System European Union Zones United States Zones

    We have successfully pushed an update to all YuJa Engage Student Response System instances residing in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the European Union. This release provides our users with the option to add video content to questions, grade short answer questions with search and filter options, real-time participant results for Polls and Surveys, auto-roster sync for Canvas and D2L Brightpsace, the option to duplicate Polls and Surveys, improved screen reader capabilities and tab navigation, and a refined user experience with new interactive elements.

    1. Engagement Questions Can Include Video Content
      Creators can now add video content to their Poll and Survey questions, allowing participants to view videos before selecting an answer.
      A video is shown embedded in a question.
    2. Grade Short Answer Questions with Search and Filter Options
      Creators who wish to review and manually grade Short Answer questions will now be presented with a list of participants with options to filter based on correct or incorrect answers.
      Results for short answers show a list of students and the response for a selected student to the right side.
    3. Real-Time Participant Results for Polls and Surveys
      For live Polls and Surveys, participant results are now updated in real-time immediately after submission.
      A question is activated and responses are shown occurring in real time.
    4. Auto-Roster Sync for Canvas and D2L Brightspace
      Our Canvas and D2L Brightspace integrations now offer course roster sync to automatically retrieve a list of users for the selected course.
      The Engage integrations page showing Canvas API mapping.
    5. Create Duplicate Polls and Surveys for Editing
      IT Managers and Creators can duplicate their Polls and Surveys to instantly create an additional copy to edit.
      The Duplicate option is shown for a Poll in the Engage Polls tab.
    6. Improved Compatibility with Screen-Reader Narrations
      The Engage platform now offers fully narrated text for screen readers to read aloud.
    7. Enhanced Keyboard Accessibility Shortcuts
      We have enhanced keyboard navigation, enabling IT Managers, Creators, and Participants to easily tab through the Engage platform.
    8. Refined User Experience within Specific Interactive Elements
      We have made several improvements to enhance the usability of Engage across the web and mobile app, such as:

      • New pages to clearly indicate when a Poll has closed or is waiting to be released.
      • Individuals will automatically log in to their respective roles.
      • Updated UI for QR code scanning.

      An animated blue space alien is reading questions on their phone.

  • December 8, 2023

    YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform – “Lincoln Peak” Version Released to US, CAN, AU, and EU Zones

    Australian Zones Canadian Zones European Union Zones Panorama for Digital Accessibility United States Zones

    We have successfully pushed an update to all YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform instances residing in the United States, Canada, European Union, and Australia. This release provides our users with updates to our Remediation Engine to support HTML documents, the option to add alt-text to all occurrences of an image in Canvas, a new OCR conversion engine, enable Panorama in specific LMS sub-accounts, new design tool elements, Themes and Templates for the Accessible Design Tool, increased accessibility checks for images, HTML and DOCX files, and so much more!


    1. New Inline WCAG 2.1-Aligned Remediation Engine for HTML Issues Directly within Accessibility Reports
      Complementing our Remediation Engine for inline accessibility issue resolution of Microsoft Word documents and PowerPoints, we’ve now extended these capabilities to HTML documents inside Accessibility Reports to resolve issues such as:

      • Alternative text for images.
      • Non-descriptive hyperlink text.
      • Unformatted lists.

      HTML document issues are resolved in the Accessibility Report.

    2. Find-and-Tag to Add Alt-Text to all Occurrences of an Image Within Canvas
      Tired of alt-tagging the same image in multiple courses? Now Content Creators can instantly create and apply alt-text to all instances of the same image in multiple HTML areas of their LMS or only to instances without a description.
      Option to add alt-text to be applied either to all instances of the image or to instances that do not have an alt-text.
    3. Enhanced Support for OCR, PDF Tagging, DOCX, and HTML Conversions
      We’re introducing an OCR conversion engine to provide greater capabilities in generating distinct documents based on the OCR-ed content.

      • OCR Overlaid Tagged PDF: Generate a tagged PDF that allows for selectable text overlaid on the original document.
      • OCR Reconstructed Tagged PDF: Generate a brand new tagged PDF.
      • OCR Reconstructed DOCX Document: Generate a brand new DOCX file.
      • OCR Reconstructed HTML Document: Generate a brand new HTML file.

      The Alternative Formats menu showing a list of OCR formats.

    4. Enable Panorama in Specific Sub-Accounts / Sub-Orgs / Nodes
      Admins can now view a hierarchical list of institution sub-accounts / sub-orgs / nodes and choose which accounts to enable Panorama in to allow course-scanning for Accessibility Reports, Alternative Formats, and more.
      A modal shows a list of sub-accounts on the left side with sub-accounts that are active with Panorama on the right.
    5. New Accessible Design Tool Elements
      We’ve expanded our Accessible Design Tool to incorporate more elements when creating pages. Creators can now embed media content, create tooltips, highlight text, and so much more. To view all available features the Design Tool offers, visit our guide on the Accessible Design Tool Overview.
      The Tooltip element is selected and added into an editable HTML area within Canvas.

    6. WYSIWYG Design Tool Now Support Themes Based on Color, Spacing and Sizing Elements
      Our previous release introduced the Design tool, which lets LMS users add customizable elements inside HTML editable areas. We now offer the option to save an element’s color, spacing, and sizing to create its personalized style. Elements can then be grouped into a Theme that can be saved and used when creating new designs.
      A modal allowing users to select an element and then style its sizing, alignment, and colors.
    7. WYSIWYG Design Tool: Save Designs as Templates
      Have you created a design that you’re really proud of and would like to use again? If so, save it as a template and reuse it in other areas of the LMS.
      A modal for naming templates, selecting publishing location, and previewing before saving.
    8. Accessibility Report: Docx Lists Will Be Checked for Proper Formatting
      The Accessibility Report for DOCX files will check if ordered and unordered lists within the document are formatted correctly.
      Accessibility Report shows an issue for an unformatted list in a DOCX file.
    9. Broader Set of Accessibility Checks for Images
      We’ve added additional accessibility checks to ensure images are accessible to all viewers.

      • Flag alternative text longer than 120 characters.
      • Flag images that have the file name as the alternative text.
      • Flag images that have placeholder text as the alternative text (e.g. “Photo” or “Image”).

      WYSIWYG editor with Panorama’s Accessibility Report detecting issues for images.

    10. Increased the Number of Accessibility Checks for HTML Content
      We’ve also added additional accessibility checks to ensure that HTML content is accessible with two additional checks:

      • Flag adjacent links with the same URL.
      • Flag tables with no content.

      WYSIWYG editor with Panorama’s Accessibility Report detecting issues for HTML Content.

    11. Accessibility Check to Ensure Vimeo Videos Contain Captions
      Linked Vimeo videos in HTML documents will be scanned to ensure the video contains captions.
      Panorama's Accessibility Report has detected a linked Vimeo video without captions.
    12. Export Reports With a Date Range and the Preferred File Format
      Admins and Instructors can now select the date range of data to include in their reports and receive them as a JSON or Excel file via email.
      dates are selected for a storage report before requesting a download link to be sent by email.
    13. Downloaded Course Reports Will Include All Issues
      When downloading a Course Report, it will now contain all issues detected within the course. This will allow admins and instructors to receive all the information of the report as seen within the Panorama LTI app.
    14. New Alternative Format: Enhanced HTML View
      With Enhanced HTML view, HTML documents can be displayed in a dedicated tab to customize the appearance of the document using the Website Accessibility tool for a more personalized viewing experience.
      Alternative Formats menu showing the Enhanced HTML option.
    15. Keyboard Accessibility Support for the Design Tool
      Creators can access and navigate through the Design Tool through the use of their keyboard.
    16. Disable the Check for Specific Accessibility Issues
      We now allow administrators to turn off their preferred checks for accessibility issues. While we recognize the significance of not disabling issues that Panorama can detect, we understand the importance of providing institution administrators with the flexibility to meet their institution’s accessibility needs.
      Panorama Issue Settings to disable specific accessibility checks.
    17. Panorama REST API to Generate Alternative Formats Reports
      We have added additional support for third-party API integrations to allow individuals to access information regarding their documents and options to generate Alternative Formats and Accessibility reports. To learn how to use our APIs, please visit our Panorama API guide.
    18. Option to Disable the Panorama Design Tool
      We have provided a course-level setting instructors can use to disable the Panorama Design Tool.
      The option to disable the Design Tool.


  • December 6, 2023

    Enterprise Video Platform & Himalayas Update – “Alpine” Released to US Zones

    Enterprise Video Platform Himalayas Enterprise Archiving Platform United States Zones

    We have successfully pushed an update to all instances residing in the United States. For a complete summary of the release, please refer to the corresponding release tags.

  • November 24, 2023

    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – “Alpine” Released to CAN, AU and EU Zones

    Australian Zones Canadian Zones Enterprise Video Platform European Union Zones

    We have successfully pushed an update to all Enterprise Video Platform instances residing in Canada, Australia, and the European Union.

    1. New Generative AI to Detect Video Chapters (Moments of Impact)
      With the use of new Generative AI capabilities, Video Chapters allow viewers to automatically select key moments of impact within a video or audio recording.
      A Chapters tab is shown under the Video Player with thumbnails for each chapter within the video.
    2. Video Editor Introduces New Audio Waveform Engine to View Multi-Track Audio
      The Video Editor features an updated audio waveform processing engine that allows you to view independent audio streams on separate tracks instead of the previous single track that displayed all audio waveforms.
      Two audio waveforms are shown within the Video Editor on separate tracks.
    3. Video Editor Adds Synchronized Splits for Video and Audio Streams
      Our updated Audio Waveform engine allows Content Creators to split a video and its associated audio track simultaneously, enabling synchronized splitting and movement of tracks.
      A video track with its audio is split and both move in synch with each other when dragged.
    4. Video Editor Can “Build a Multi-Stream Video” By Adding Full-Length, Independent Streams
      Content Creators can import video clips as new, independent streams, allowing them to create multi-stream videos with up to four streams within a single video.
      A video is added as a separate stream in the Video Editor.
    5. Umbrella System Now Supports the Canvas LMS
      Quick recap, the Umbrella System enables better support of multi-campus systems with both central administration alongside distributed sub-administration of individual campus nodes. Umbrella System now supports the Canvas LMS complementing our existing support of Blackboard and D2L Brightspace.
      A view of the organization tab with a list of organizations and enrolled users.
    6. More Granular Live Captioning Permission Management
      Administrators can set specific permissions on a per-user or role basis to administer the use of live captions for Software Capture, Hardware Hub, and RTMP live streams.
      Radial options for editing auto captioning permissions for specific users or roles.
    7. Updated Sidebar Iconography with Subtle Animation Element
      The Video Platform’s Sidebar within the Admin Panel, My Account, and Himalayas has been enhanced with a new color palette and the introduction of new icons featuring animated elements.
      a view of the Admin Panel navigation menu with its new icons and animations.
    8. Video Quizzes Support Automatic Grading for Short Answer
      Video Quizzes will allow instructors to set grading options for Short Answer question types. Instructors can manually review the answer and enter a grade or automatically assign full points for answers greater than a specified word count.
      Automatic Grade option within the Short Answer question type.
    9. Video Quizzes Support Partial Points for Select Multiple 
      Content Creators can now award partial points for the Select Multiple question type when students select some of the correct options instead of requiring them to select all the right answers.
      Grading option to enable partial grading in the Select Multiple question type.
    10. New Micro-Interactive Elements Within the Video Player
      To enhance the viewing experience when utilizing the Video Player, we have added subtle fade and slide transitions when navigating through various features.
      The sidebar in the video player slides out and the settings menu fades in.
    11. Visual Refresh for the Organization Tab Within the Admin Panel
      Building on our recent enhancements to the Organization tab’s UI elements, we’ve extended our improvements to other key sections, including the Courses and Devices pages, to provide new icons and a refined color palette.
      The organization tab shows the devices tab and the course tab.
    12. Moodle 4.1: TinyMCE Support for the Media Chooser Directly Within Insert Menu
      Content Creators using the newest TinyMCE plugin for their Moodle 4.1 instance will now be able to access the Media Chooser directly from the Insert menu.
      The option within Moodle's text editor to insert the Media Chooser through the insert menu.
    13. Prioritized Human-Captioning Over Auto-Captions
      Video content will now prioritize human-generated captions, automatically replacing any auto-generated captions. These human-generated captions will then be utilized for transcript generation, ensuring content is accurately transcribed.
    14. Visual Refresh of Toast Messages
      We have improved our toast messages by adding new animations, colors, and icons.
      animation of the new toast message appearing.
  • November 24, 2023

    YuJa Himalayas Data Archiving Platform Update – “Alpine” Released to CAN, AU and EU Zones

    Australian Zones Canadian Zones European Union Zones Himalayas Enterprise Archiving Platform

    We have successfully pushed an update to all YuJa Himalayas Data Archiving Platform instances residing in Canada, Australia, and the European Union. This update provides automatic regeneration of video transcodes, a Data Management Policy to specify folder tags, and the option to archive content within its original location.

    1. Show Archived Content Within My Media or My Archive
      Administrators can archive content to its original published location or archive to My Archive, consolidating all archived media in a single location. If administrators prefer, both options can be enabled, providing the flexibility of having both choices simultaneously.

      • My Media
        Video archived within My Media showcasing active alongside the archived videos.
      • My Archive
        Archived videos within My Archive.
    2. Automatic Regeneration of Video Transcodes Based on View Behavior
      Administrators can set the minimum weekly view count for videos to automatically generate their transcodes, regardless of whether they were never uploaded or deleted through a Recurring Policy Action—Delete Transcodes or Archive to EVP.
      Additional Options to generate transcodes for videos after a specified weekly view count.
    3. New Data Management Policy to Specify Folder Tags
      Administrators can now scan for content within specified tagged folders using the new Data Management Policy. This policy allows access to content within these folders and any sub-folders contained within them.
      The Policy Creator showcasing the Folder Tag policy.