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  • February 8, 2024

    Software Capture for PC – Update v14.1.0.0 – Galaxy Released to US, CAN, AU, and EU Zones

    Australian Zones Canadian Zones European Union Zones Software Capture for pC United States Zones

    We have successfully pushed an update to all Software Capture for PC instances residing in the US, Canada, Australia, and the European Union. This update includes the option to capture up to four video feeds, new fleet management capability to remotely update Software Capture, the option to add an OBS virtual camera as a video source, a new sign-out option, improved performance for live streaming and remote monitoring, and 30+ stability improvements.

    1. Capture Up to Four Video Feeds to Create a Quad-Sourced Multistream
      Software Capture now enables Content Creators to record up to four video sources simultaneously with its quad-source recording. During playback, viewers can switch between single-stream and gallery view for their desired viewing experience.
      Four video feeds are shown within the Software Capture confidence monitor.
    2. New Fleet Management Capability – Update Software Capture Remotely
      Adding to our fleet management capabilities, administrators can access the Admin Panel’s Devices tab to remotely deploy the latest Software Capture version to a classroom computer.
      Update modal for software capture showing an update is available for download.
    3. New Sign-Out Option for the Software Capture Application
      Previously, Content Creators had to sign out of Software Capture from the system tray. To make the process more intuitive, we have added a dedicated sign-out button within the Confidence Monitor of the Software Capture application.
      The Software Capture Confidence Monitor features a logout button in the top-right corner.
    4. Improved Performance for Live Streaming and Remote Monitoring
      We’ve optimized remote monitoring previews to maintain video-preview quality while using fewer resources and improving loading speeds for users with poor internet connections. We’ve also optimized Live Streaming to use fewer CPU resources for users running Software Capture on older machines.
      A Live stream is shown playing on the Video Platform.
    5. 30+ Stability Improvements and Fixes
      We’ve made 30+ stability improvements and fixes to optimize CPU resources and the overall performance of the Software Capture application.
  • November 13, 2023

    Software Capture for PC – Update v14.0.0.0 – Ferrero Released to US, CAN, AU, and EU Zones

    Australian Zones Canadian Zones European Union Zones Software Capture for pC United States Zones

    We have successfully pushed an update to all Software Capture for PC instances residing in the US, Canada, Australia, and the European Union. This update includes our improved user interface across the Software Capture Application, a new Recording Mini-Bar for video and audio preview, the ability to start scheduled sessions when signed out of Windows, initiate scheduled recordings when offline, enhanced video quality for live streaming, improved remote monitoring capabilities, auto-recognition of devices during a session, auto-publish recordings from the course channel Software Capture was launched, and instant synchronization of remote profile adjustments.

    1. Refreshed User Interface Using Material Design System
      The entire Software Capture user interface has been refreshed to use a Material Design interface. This refreshed design offers a cleaner interface with a key emphasis placed on updating colors and buttons to provide a clear indication of UI elements, all of which are keyboard accessible.
      New Confidence monitor UI showcasing the option to tab through navigation menus.
    2. Application Settings Redesign for Streamlined Adjustments
      The Software Capture Application Settings have undergone a redesign, redefining our approach to organizing settings within individual tabs. Recognizing the limitations of extensive tabular views, we’ve consolidated tabs and introduced distinct sections complete with headers and sections. Merged tabs, such as Profiles and Hotkeys, Screen Capture, and others, contribute to a more intuitive experience and ensure a well-organized interface where settings are clearly identifiable.
      Tab navigation through each Application Setting.
    3. New Recording Mini-Bar with Slide-Out Video and Screen Preview
      The Software Capture’s Mini-Bar is fully redesigned to provide a sliding video and screen preview that doesn’t show up in the final recording. Previously, Content Creators could only check their video or screen preview by accessing the Confidence Monitor, which unfortunately interrupted the presentation by bringing it into the screen recording.
    4. New Fleet Management Capabilities – Automatic Start of Scheduled Sessions When Signed Out of Windows
      As part of our Fleet Management capabilities, we are continuing to develop tools to enhance remote deployments of the Software Capture application. In cases where a computer is signed out of Windows and Creators cannot access the device, the updated Software Capture application ensures that scheduled sessions will still start on time, capturing active devices such as video and audio sources while awaiting the screen source. Upon signing back into Windows, the Software Capture application will automatically connect to the screen source, ensuring all devices are enabled for a continuous recording experience.
      Windows login screen transitioning to a Software Capture session active on the desktop.
    5. New Fleet Management Capabilities – Long Duration Offline Mode Resilience for Auto-Scheduled Sessions Using Session Caching
      Similar to our Hardware Hub capabilities, we have added additional resilience to auto-scheduled sessions by adding localized schedule caching and opportunistic cloud-synchronization. That may sound like a mouthful, but what it means is that if an auto-scheduled Software Capture application loses internet connection up to a week prior to a session, as long as it was connected at some point for a few minutes, it will continue with the recording schedule because a copy has been synched locally. Once an internet connection is re-established, finished recordings will be uploaded to the Video Platform, and additional schedules will be synchronized.
      A recording is scheduled and automatically starts while offline.
    6. Media Foundation Engine Now Used for Live Streaming, Offering Enhanced Live Streaming Performance
      Following our transition to the Media Foundation engine as our primary capture engine for recording, we have now extended this capability to live streams. This enhancement is set to significantly improve the live stream experience for viewers, ensuring the highest quality output is received. On the roadmap for a future release is to extend this new Engine to replace the existing Engine for NDI and RTSP-enabled sources.
      Live stream quality comparison showcasing the old quality output vs new quality output.
    7. New, Higher-Performance Device Monitoring with Lower Memory Footprint
      Our Device Monitoring capabilities were introduced years ago, and since then, a lot has changed in the audio and video landscape. To better manage fault-tolerance remote device monitoring, we’ve built a brand-new Remote Device Monitoring Module that accompanies the Software Capture application but works on an independent architecture. The architecture is built on the Media Foundation engine to take advantage of GPU performance alongside the CPU. The result? This upgraded infrastructure provides greater fault tolerance, better performance, and fewer disconnections for the audio and video previews on the Devices page.
      Video and audio preview are shown in the Video Platform's devices page.
    8. Auto-Retry and Connect Profile Devices During Active Recording Sessions
      If a recording device assigned to a selected profile is not plugged in at the start of a scheduled session, Content Creators can simply connect the device during the session. The Software Capture application will then automatically detect and integrate the device into the ongoing recording.
      A secondary source is connected during an active recording, allowing Software Capture to recognize the device.
    9. New Interface for Selecting Channels for Publication
      We’ve updated how Content Creators choose channels by showcasing a side-by-side comparison of Available and Selected Channels alongside an improved hierarchical view. Simply utilize the new arrow icons to effortlessly adjust your preferred publication locations.
      The new UI for selecting channels featuring a side-by-side comparison of Available and Selected Channels.
    10. Publish to the Course Channel From Where Software Capture was Launched
      When launching the Software Capture application from a Course Channel on the Video Platform, the course information will automatically be pre-selected.
      The Software Capture application is launched from within a course channel.
    11. Instant Synchronization for Remote Profile Management
      Remote adjustments to Profiles on the Video Platform now take immediate effect in the Software Capture application, removing the previous requirement to restart the application for changes to appear.
      Adjustments to remote profiles is made.
  • August 23, 2022

    Software Capture for PC – Update v11.3.0.0 Released to US, CAN, and EU Zones

    Canadian Zones European Union Zones Software Capture for pC United States Zones YuJa Software Capture - PC

    We have successfully pushed an updated Software Capture for PC binary to all instances residing in the US, Canada and the European Union. This update includes dozens of fixes and improvements based on field log data available from the previous two versions of the new Capture Engine (released in February of this year). Additionally, new capabilities include a Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon add-in, a new installation option that does not require local admin rights, a new mouse effect optimized for instruction, and a number of WCAG 2.1-aligned color contrast improvements.

    1. New Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon Add-On for Automatically Starting and Stopping the Recording
      The YuJa Software Capture application can be installed as a Ribbon within Microsoft PowerPoint to provide users with a more seamless recording experience. The Ribbon will allow users to automatically sync the start and end of the recording with their presentation session.
    2. Recording Sessions Can Now Be Extended Via the Devices Tab
      We added a capability to the Devices tab to remotely extend recordings within the Video Platform for registered installations. With a simple click of a button, Admins and Sub-Admins can extend remote recordings.
      [dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”auto” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” inside_shadow=”false” ][/dropshadowbox]
    3. New Installer Option for Non Local Admin Windows Users
      The Alternate Installer will allow users who do not have local administrative rights on their computer to install and change settings within YuJa Software Capture. For those with local administrative permissions, we still recommend downloading the Express Installer to take full advantage of the Software Capture application’s asynchronous upload capability even when logged off.
    4. Option for an Mouse Effect When the Presenter Clicks on the Screen
      We have implemented an enhancement to the screen recording that can improve the instructional value of a video by providing a small highlight when the Presenter clicks on the screen.
    5. Customizable Low Disk Space Warning
      To ensure that users have the appropriate disk space on their device for their recording, we have implemented an improved feature for monitoring device storage. Users can enable and select the threshold of when they would like to be notified if their disk space is running low.
    6. Option for On-Screen Pause Indicator
      To provide a clear reminder for the Presenter when a recording is paused, we have added an option for an on-screen indicator to let Presenters know when they have paused their recording.
    7. Improved UI Color Scheme Aligned with WCAG 2.1
      Continuing to stand firm on our promise to make learning accessible to students from a variety of accessible needs, we have further optimized the color palette for our toggle buttons and text to support users with visual difficulties. This will allow users to easily recognize when they have enabled certain devices for their Video, Audio, Screen, and Live sources.
    8. Minor Keyboard Accessibility Improvement Aligned with WCAG 2.1
      We have improved navigating the Login menu through the Enter key, as well as the ability to select entries more uniformly.
  • February 16, 2022

    Software Capture for PC – Update v11.0.0.0 Released to US, CAN, and EU Zones

    Canadian Zones Enterprise Video Platform European Union Zones Software Capture for pC Software Capture for PC Uncategorized

    We have successfully pushed an update to all instances residing in the US, Canada and the European Union. This release was focused on introducing a new, high-performance Capture Engine, providing users the ability to switch sources mid-recording, additional sign-on capabilities, additional language services, refreshed UI layout to meet accessibility standards, optimized use of space, and much more!

    The application will be rolled out iteratively through the quarter to Zones. If you would like to request your Zone be enabled proactively, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

    1. Dynamic Source Switching During an Active Recording Session
      This update will allow users to switch their audio, screen and video source during an active recording session. This would allow a Content Creator to turn on a microphone during a demonstration, and then stop it and return back to a video-and-screen presentation. While this feature is currently available for Software Capture recordings, for future releases, we intend to make this update available for live streams and exam proctoring sessions.
      1st Pic Admin
    2. Brand New Engine Optimized Around the Latest Graphics Chipsets and GPU Hardware Accelerators including Intel QuickSync and NVIDIA NENC
      We’ve been hard at work re-building the capture engine from the ground up. The new recording engine is able to take advantage of on-board and off-board graphic cards, as well as newer CPU instruction sets. The result is lower CPU utilization during recording and an even higher-quality recording afterwards. This includes improved performance with Intel QuickSync and NVIDIA NVENC. For the follow-on release, we will be rolling out similar optimizations in the live stream experience.
    3. Refreshed User Interface for 3+ Source Views on Confidence Monitor
      The Confidence Monitor now optimizes the video preview window size for the number of sources. In the event that 3+ sources are being recorded, the UI will shrink-and-stack sources so they are all within view. This saves users from having to constantly scroll back-and-forth, and, allows for Content Creators to view all three sources simultaneously.
      2nd Pic Admin
    4. Improved International Support for French and Spanish
      To make Software Capture accessible to users of all linguistic backgrounds, we have now updated the UI to be fully internationalized for our French and Spanish speaking users. In future releases, we intend to provide our Software Capture in Portuguese.
    5. Estimated Upload Time Available and Upload Session Integrated with Upload Window
      Users now can see their Internet connection speed and the estimated upload time of their recordings within the Upload Status window.
    6. Improved UI Color Scheme to Support Accessibility Needs
      Standing firm on our promise to make learning accessible to students from a variety of accessible needs, we have improved the color contrast and palette of the Software Capture to support users with visual difficulties. This allows users to navigate, interact, and record with ease.
      4th Pic Admin
    7. Automatic Exclusion of the Recording Toolbar on Updated Windows 10 or Greater
      To support genuine full-screen recordings and to prevent any visual obstacles over significant content, the Recording Toolbar will now be automatically excluded from the resultant recording and live-stream experience.
    8. Click-and-Drag Recording Toolbar
      In an effort to provide users more control over their preferred recording session layout, we’ve made the Recording Toolbar movable.
    9. Software Capture now Offers Additional Single-Sign On Ability
      Users will be able to log-into two different accounts simultaneously with the provision of an additional single sign-on.
      Additional Single Sign Inwoot
    10. Ability to Select from Multiple Internal Audio Options
      This update now allows users to select from an extended list of internal audio options and be able to switch internal audio sources mid-recording.
    11. Silent Installation Configuration File Supports the Ability to Specific Peripherals, Screen Configurations, and Settings
      Institutions using auto-deploy products such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (now called Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager) can now specify how the remotely deployed Software Capture’s peripherals should be configured. This includes default video and audio sources, default screen recording settings, and whether the annotation toolbar should be on or off by default.
    12. Optimization Upgrades
      To provide users an enhanced Software Capture experience, we have addressed and resolved minor bugs and issues.
  • October 27, 2021

    Minor Version Update for Software Capture for Apple and Software Capture for PC

    Canadian Zones European Union Zones Software Capture for Apple Software Capture for PC United States Zones

    We have released a minor version update for the Software Capture for Apple and Software Capture for PC version to all instances located in the United States, Canada and the European Union. This version incorporates WCAG 2.1 Level AA accessibility-approved colors, as well as some small improvements to our Single-Sign-On capabilities within the applications.

    1. Updated UI for YuJa Software Capture for PC with Improved Alignment with WCAG 2.1 Level AA Contrast Requirements
      With accessibility in mind, we’ve given the application an updated look to incorporate approved accessibility colors throughout the application.

    2. Updated UI for YuJa Software Capture for Apple with Improved Alignment with WCAG 2.1 Level AA Contrast Requirements
      In parallel, we’ve updated the UI of YuJa Software Capture for Apple to reflect accessibility approved colors throughout the application. 
    3. Improved Single-Sign-On integration with YuJa Software Capture
      The Software Application now supports integration with multiple, separate Single-Sign-On (SSO) systems, as well as added use of the WebView 2 Control for better SSO page rendering. These improvements aim to simplify the log in process for users across organizations that use more complex Single-Sign-On infrastructure.
  • July 12, 2021

    Software Capture for PC (v10.11.3.0) – Minor Update – Released to All Geographic Zones

    Canadian Zones Enterprise Video Platform European Union Zones Software Capture for PC United States Zones

    We have released a new Software Capture for PC version (version v10.11.3.0) to all instances located in the United States, Canada and the European Union. This release is specifically targeted at updating the Software Capture UI and improving software stability across more rare scenarios.

    1. Clean-and-Crisp UI
      We’ve given the application an updated look to make improve the intuitive feel of the application and better use of the available space on the screen.
    2. Software Stability Improvements
      We’ve added over 10 smaller improvements and fixes including resolving audit log inconsistencies, improving load times and more.
  • December 25, 2019

    Software Capture for PC Version 10.3.0 Released to US Zone

    Software Capture for PC United States Zones

    We have released a new Software Capture for PC version (10.3.0) that introduces a one-click install-to-launch capability, internal audio recording and ability to record from IP-based wireless cameras.

    1. New Express Click-Install-Launch
      The latest Software Capture accessible from the Create Recording dialog can perform a one-click installation-to-launch process. Once the user has selected the installer to launch, it will quickly install, configure and launch the Software Capture in a ready-to-record state. In our focus groups, this experience greatly simplified the first-time user experience. We will be launching a similar experience for Apple users in early January.
    2. Integrated Capability to Record Internal Computer Audio via a Single Toggle
      Content Creators can now opt to record the internal system audio directly via the Software Capture’s main Confidence Monitor interface.
    3. Integrated Support for IP / Wireless Cameras
      Organizations deploying IP cameras with RTSP capabilities can now directly integrate these cameras with the Software Capture application.
    4. Automatic Firewall Rule Inclusion Where Applicable
      In instances where a firewall rule is required to enable audio and video preview, this is now automatically performed on the user’s behalf during the installation process.
    5. Performance Improvements When Recording a High-Resolution Video Source at High Framerates
      Originally intended to support higher-resolution Logitech cameras, this performance improvement is also applicable more broadly to all USB-based video sources.
    6. Improved the Fault Tolerance of the Photo ID Capture During Intermittent Bandwidth Scenarios
      The Photo ID capture process is now more resilient in situations of weak or intermittent Internet situations.
    7. Full Installers Available for Download within My Account
      To provide access to the regular (full) installer files, a new Downloads tab is available within the My Account section.